Are you looking for safe access to plant platforms, roofs and other structures for ongoing maintenance?            

MAXSAFE supply and install ladder systems that are compliant to industry standards, we can design and custom fabricate for any type of roof, platform or structure access that is required. 

Supplier options allow us to supply more than one brand, giving the customer product and cost option benefits when looking to install any height safety access system.

Monkeytoe is one of our suppliers of ladder systems, their premium KATT ladders can be designed to cater for any roof access application, they are robust, light weight yet provide high strength for safe working loads of 150kg.

We work closely with the client to ensure a cost-effective system is designed and compliant, all installations are completed by our trained certified installers to the highest quality.

We can meet all your on-site requirements for,

  • Prefabricated, modular to ensures easy on site assembly – no welding required
  • Lightweight, high strength aluminium construction
  • Increase safe working load of 150kg – industrial rated
  • Unique rung profile design makes ladder comfortable and easy to use
  • Low maintenance and neat appearance
  • Suits many varied applications and locations.

You can order a variety of optional extras to increase your safety measures, some of these add-on's include lockable doors and gates to prevent unauthorised access. 



Caged Ladder Systems 

By using fixed ladders with safety cages, you give the user added protection against possible falls. Caged ladders are used in many different applications and are suitable for heights of up to 6m.

Caged Ladder Systems with mid landing platform

If you need to go even higher, why not consider caged ladder systems with mid platforms, with KATT vertical cage ladders with change of direction platforms you can go as high as 12m.

Ladders with Vertical Fall Arrest Cables

Vertical ladder fall arrest systems can be used where caged ladders are impractical or using them combined with caged ladders can guarantee user safety, they can be used for heights up to 12m.

Mini Access Ladders

Mini access ladders are often used to get from one roof to another or over a parapet to another part of the roof, we can design a system for any area of the structure.

Inspection and Maintenance

Visual inspection for any damage or loose fittings must be done periodically and prior to use. No certification or re-certification is required unless the ladder is fitted with a Vertical Line Fall Arrest System which will need to be inspected and certified annually in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and requirements of AS/NZS 1891.42009 Section (9)