MAXSAFE supply and install a variety of proprietary engineered and custom designed fall arrest safety systems. We manufacturer our own range of anchors for all your working at height requirements for residential, commercial or any structure that requires a height safety system for maintenance, cleaning, access and inspections. We pride ourselves on being experts in Height Safety with all our height safety anchors being compliant, tested and manufactured in accordance with the applicable AS/NZS 1891 Standard.

We work closely with the client to ensure a cost-effective system is designed and compliant and all installations are completed by our trained certified installers to the highest satisfaction.“You’ll be guaranteed the utmost safety while using MAXSAFE Fall Arrest Height Safety Systems.”

Work place falls are far too common when it comes to injuries and deaths in New Zealand, employees, contractors and your business need to be protected ensuring your work place is safe and efficient as it can be.The key to a safe work environment is the implementation of a well-designed and full proof fall arrest systems.    





MAXSAFE can provide you with a compliant fall arrest solution specific to your height safety requirements, we can undertake free assessments of your premises and provide a smart, economic and comprehensive recommendation plan by using our design software. Our plan will show you the layout of your height safety anchor system on the roof of the building/structure, your work methodology on how to use the system and identify all existing and potential fall hazards.

While safety is paramount, design aesthetics and product functionality features are very important too. We work closely with the client to ensure we provide a compliant and efficient system without the asset being compromised with excessive penetrations or visually unappealing.