MAXSAFE supply and install Handrail and Guardrail Systems that are fully compliant with building and Health & Safety regulations. 

Handrail and Guardrail Systems are an excellent safeguard and effective barrier for employees and contractors to safely navigate elevated areas. Our handrail systems are manufactured with high-grade aluminium for applications onto any roof surface.

We also have the ability to custom design and fabricate onsite as required using one of our trusted and proven partners, the option of steel or aluminium is discussed closely with the client to ensure the best system is designed to meet the requirements of the structure or building.

Supplier options allow us to supply more than one brand, giving the customer product and cost option benefits when looking to install any height safety access system.

Monkeytoe is one of our suppliers for handrail and guardrail systems, the design and fixings used allow a simple install with few components. The system is easily configured onsite as there is no welding required.

We work closely with the client to ensure a cost-effective system is designed and compliant and all installations are completed by our trained certified installers to the highest quality.


Typical uses / Applications

  • Anywhere a fall of over 1m could occur
  • Under regulation height parapets
  • Edge of roof for fall protection
  • Walkway handrails
  • Structural plant handrails


Inspection and Maintenance

It is recommended that handrails are included in the standard building warrant of fitness inspection. Visual inspection for any damage or loose fixings must be done periodically and prior to use, all damage or loose fixings to be reported immediately to asset manager or building owner for correction.

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