MAXSAFE provides system certification and re-certification for all types of Height Safety Systems.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and NZ Standards require Fall Arrest Equipment to be inspected and certified by a suitable competent person prior to first use and then on a regular basis (annually). Up to date height safety system certifications are the responsibility of owners, managers and staff, as part of their responsibilities as a PCBU.

This inspection and certification is to ensure the equipment is correctly installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions. It is also important to ensure the structure to which an anchor is attached is adequate for the imposed loads, and has not been modified and/or deteriorated in any way that effects the structural integrity of the system. 

All inspections are carried out in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4 Standard. 

MAXSAFE has partnered with Dr Joe Bain of MOTOVATED DESIGN & ANALYSIS for all structural, PS1 and PS3 system testing and certification. We use an independent engineer for guaranteed inspection due diligence to have the confidence your height safety system is of the highest standard and meets all legislative requirements.



  • Existing Fall Arrest or abseil anchor system audits and re-certification
  • Fixed ladder testing and certification
  • Building roof plan (height safety and access) development and authoring
  • Personal height safety equipment checking and tagging
  • Height Safety systems certify, re-certify:
  • Static Line Cable Systems
  • Rail Systems
  • Handrail and walkway inspections



MAXSAFE offers regular and professional inspection for re certification for all types of height safety and fall arrest personal protection equipment (PPE). Regular inspections are very important as PPE can become damaged or lose its effectiveness, due to general wear and tear, misuse and exposure to dirt, grit, UV light or chemicals. 

Be aware that some PPE items may require more frequent inspections than others, due to higher usage, which may impact your inspection plans. All items of equipment which are in regular use shall be subjected to periodic inspection and where applicable, servicing, at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

All inspection and servicing shall be carried out in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Our service ensures that your PPE is fully compliant, in date and fit for purpose.

For all your inspection requirements please contact MAXSAFE.

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