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MAXSAFE® Tripod is one such product that can be used for easy access by a worker into confined spaces such as Man-holes, Tanks etc. It provides a means of controlled ascent and descent and protection from fall.

Features and Benefits

  • For access in confined spaces.
  • With two mounted pulleys at the head of the Tripod in the prolongation of the main leg for passing a cable.
  • Having two auxiliary eye bolts as attachment points.
  • Aluminium alloy cast head, legs in Aluminium.
  • Steel support-shoes provided with rubber sole to increase friction and impart more stability.
  • Strength of anchorage point greater than 15 kN.
  • Tripod - 3m (MT-3m) can also be used with Retrieval Fall
    Arrester Blocks PCGS 10R, PCGS 20R & PCGS
    30R with the help of their respective mounting

Key Details

Length : 3m

Adjustable Height : 2.4m Diameter

Weight : 16.8 Kg

Maximum Load Capacity : 500kg

Licensed and Certified to : AS/NZS 1891 Standard 

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