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Product Code : MLR-KR-1.8m

The MAXSAFE® Restraint Lanyards are a component of a Fall Restraint System for working at height. These lanyards restrain the user from reaching the edge and hence prevent a potential fall from occurring. MAXSAFE® Restraint Lanyards come in Webbing and Kernmantle Rope options. Since there is no fall that occurs in a “Fall Restraint System” the Restraint Lanyards do not have any shock absorption element incorporated in them. It is therefore mandatory to ensure that Fall Restraint Lanyards are NEVER used for the purpose of Fall Arrest works methodology.

Features & Benefits:

  • The kermantle rope is cross stitched and protected with a strong transparent covering sleeve, which not only protects the ends, but also makes the stitches visible for easy inspection prior to use.
  • The loops at the end are protected by an abrasion resistant thimble, which prevents the rope from being damaged by the metallic contact of the connector.
  • The kermantle rope also has a yellow colored tracer strand which loses its color in due course of time, indicating that the Lanyard is now unfit for further us.

Suggested Uses:

Only for Fall Restraint situations 


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