MAXSAFE® Ratchet Hauling System is an anchor strap used to rescue the victim post fall arrest. Loops provided on both the ends for making connections with structures and other sub systems. Ratchet locking system allows motion in only one direction and looks in the other direction.

Installation & Usage

  • Connect the Ratchet Hauling System to the structure with its one loop with means of a connector/karabiner at appropriate height.
  • Connect the other loop of the Ratchet Hauling System to the victim with automatic descender and a connector.
  • Now, the victim may be rescued with the help of hauling features of the device.
  • Once the victim has been put fully on Ratchet Hauling System, primary lanyard may be released.

 Key Details

Material : Alloy Steel

Weight : 1.120kgs

Finish : Galvanized Steel in yellow passivation